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Welcome to the official page of the Triumph Trisortion! We're a small but growing supergroup on City of Heroes, located on Triumph server.

We're looking for members and coalitions! Please send an in-game tell to @Epelesker if you're interested in joining, and apply to this site for updates to the group's activities.
Trisortion Herald


Epelesker, Jul 12, 10 5:34 PM.
Apologies, if you've been following us. I've been handling RL issues for the past two weeks. They're not sorted out yet, but regardless I'll be back in the game this week at the earliest.


Epelesker, Jun 21, 10 11:48 PM.
We're not that active recently, so I'm going to start working on building up a new playerbase via recruits and whatnot. I look forward to this!

Also, my redside main on Triumph, Metadelicon, has inherited a VG: but it was a default because of inactivity on their end too.

Watch for us in the future!

Next up!? (Important change!)

Epelesker, May 15, 10 2:15 PM.
Announcing that the next SitCrit will take place on May 23rd! This time, the aim is to run the Sister Psyche TF.
(It was going to be June 6th, but an important issue has come up that prevents me from running it.)

We'll be meeting at the contact in Independence Port, so bring your scrappers there!

Success at last!

Epelesker, May 6, 10 2:47 AM.
Situation Critical Overwrite, a run of the Terra Volta trial with all Scrappers, was on May 2nd! We finished in 50 minutes without any big snags!

Seems like this sort of event can boom, given the right effort. I'll be planning the next one soon.


Epelesker, Apr 15, 10 12:34 PM.
The first SitCrit tanked out, but if you take a look in the events box you'll see that I'm not discouraged at all. Fall seven times and get up eight, right?

So, round two of Situation Critical is set for May 2nd, and it's a real planned event. Please look forward to it!
Live from Paragon City!
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